Special Ops: Lioness Season 2 – Confirmation & Everything We Know

With the first season proving to be another big television hit for Taylor Sheridan, people are already beginning to wonder about Lioness season 2. The spy thriller stars Zoe Saldaña as a handler in a special CIA program that uses a female agent to go undercover and befriend the daughter of a suspected terrorist weapons supplier. The show looks at the behind-the-scenes decision-making within the operation as well as the intense danger it presents.

First debuting on July 23, 2023, on Paramount+, the 8-episode first season concluded on September 3, 2023. Like Tulsa KingLioness is one of the few television programs Taylor Sheridan has created that isn’t part of his expansive Yellowstone universe of shows. However, that is not to say that the show could not kick off its own universe. The title seems to suggest the possibility of other stories being told under the Special Ops umbrella. Whatever direction the possible Lioness season 2 takes will be a good indicator of the show’s future — and there’s definitely demand for the high-octane thriller to continue.

Lioness Season 2 Latest News

Season 2 Begins Filming

Just weeks after the second season was officially green-lit, the latest news confirms that Lioness season 2 has begun filming. In a BTS image shared on the official LionessInstagram page, it was revealed that the sophomore season is already underway with a shot of the production slate resting on Zoe Saldaña’s chair that is labeled for her character, Joe.

Is Special Ops Lioness Good Or Bad? Yellowstone Creator’s New Show Continues A Worrying Trend

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone is an ultra-popular, record-breaking show — but his latest Paramount series, Special Ops: Lioness, isn’t as flawless.

Lioness Season 2 Is Confirmed

Paramount+ Orders Another Season

Though it took a while for the word to come down, Paramount+ has opted to renew Lioness for a sophomore season following amazing viewership numbers. The Taylor Sheridan series is yet another feather in the prolific producer’s cap, and it has the chance to blossom into an ongoing series should the show continue beyond a second season.

Lioness Season 2 Cast

The Main Cast Is Returning

Once again leading the charge as disillusioned special operatives, Zoe Saldaña will be back as Joe while Laysla De Oliveira will return as Cruz.

Along with the announcement that a second season was on the way, a few of the main cast members were also announced to reprise their roles in Lioness season 2. Once again leading the charge as disillusioned special operatives, Zoe Saldaña will be back as Joe while Laysla De Oliveira will return as Cruz. The other big names of the first season will also be back and Nicole Kidman is slated to reprise her role as jaded liaison Kaitlyn Meade. The legendary actor Morgan Freeman played Secretary of State Edwin Mullins in season 1, and he has been upgraded to a main role in season 2.

The confirmed cast of Lioness season 2 includes:


Lioness Role

Zoe Saldaña


Laysla De Oliveira


Nicole Kidman

Kaitlyn Meade

Morgan Freeman

Edwin Mullins

Thad Luckinbill

Kyle McManus

Lioness Season 2 Story Details

What Happens To Cruz After She Walked Away?

The first season of Lioness ended with Cruz walking away from the program totally disillusioned with her mission. The second season will most likely pick up from there and may see Lioness attempt to collect their valuable asset and force her back into service. Cruz and Joe could also work to undermine the program after their harrowing ordeal, and they could become rogue agents working against the evil designs of their own government. With Freeman’s Secretary of State Mullins playing a larger role, viewers will likely see more of the inner workings of the government in Lioness season 2.

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