Before split rumors surfaced, Cardi B and OffSet lived opulent lives in a lavish villa together like kings and queens

Soaring above the charts with her 2020 single WAP, Cardi B has been extremely busy in the best way imaginable during the past year. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has been working with up-and-coming female singers to create a tribe that is encouraging and uplifting. You go, young lady!

Cardi B taking the stage. Picture courtesy of Frank Schwichtenberg via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Following her ascent to the top of the Billboard charts and her turbulent relationship with fellow rapper Offset, who is now her husband, Cardi started looking for a place of their own.

Offset persuaded the Bronx girl that Atlanta, where he had grown up and where they had lived for a while, was the ideal place for them to start their future.

Cardi kept her Instagram followers informed about her journey until she discovered what she was looking for, all with the honesty that makes her special.

Dreams Come True in Cardi B’s Atlanta Home

Cardi and Offset eventually discovered what she has often referred to as their “Dream Home” at the end of 2019, after what seemed like a lifetime-long house Һunt.

On just her second visit to the massive estate located in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead area, Cardi looked pleased as she shared their discovery with her followers on Instagram.

Cardi B’s enormous Atlanta residence with Offset. Picture courtesy of Zillow

Situated on an expansive 6-acre private estate, the mansion boasts 5 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms, 4 half baths, an 1800 bottle wine cellar, and an underground shooting range! A shooting range, indeed!

You can tell that privacy was a priority while designing the estate because of the surrounding trees and hedges in the European manner. Large doors, an open floor plan, and tall columns with elaborate decorations transport you to a bygone era, even though the house was constructed in 2006—a drаmаtic contrast to the sleek, contemporary homes of her fellow recording artists.

The house also has a garage, which can reportedly hold four cars but appears to have room for more. After their long search for the ideal home, it’s easy to understand why this three-story mansion caught both Cardi B. and Offset’s attention.

Cardi B’s enormous Atlanta residence with Offset. Picture courtesy of Zillow

Living the Good Life in One of Atlanta’s Most Sought-After Neighborhoods

Offset and Cardi B reside in a magnificent home they purchased as a self-gift for Christmas 2019 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, an inner ring neighborhood of Atlanta, just north of Buckhead.

Although the couple’s final payment for the enormous mansion is unknown, we do know that it was listed for a whooping $5.79 million; however, given its lavish interiors, European-inspired architecture, and long list of amenities, it appears to have cost three times as much.

The foyer greets you as soon as you pass the grand entry and features a spacious corridor leading into the 22,500 square foot house. A chic winding staircase and an opulent chandelier nicely balance the atmosphere, which is a cross between a warm and welcoming house and a royal palace.

Within the Atlanta home of Offset and Cardi B. Picture courtesy of Zillow

It should come as no surprise that the magnificent house has several living areas.

The tranquil backyard is viewed from an open-concept living room with full-length Juliet balconies that almost seems like they were created as a backdrop for one of Cardi’s ostentatious music videos.

The fact that this room effortlessly flows into the adjacent living room, which has lower arched ceilings and a more cozy atmosphere, makes it even more stunning.

Within the Atlanta home of Offset and Cardi B. Picture courtesy of Zillow

The mansion is equally opulent throughout. With its own sitting area and fireplace, as well as an en suite master bathroom reminiscent of a seven-star resort, the master bedroom with vaulted ceilings seems more like a suite in a hotel.

There are two distinct walk-in closets, large enough to require a ladder to access the highest shelf, that open into each other via a connected hallway.

Within the Atlanta home of Offset and Cardi B. Picture credit: Cardi B’s Atlanta home and Offset’s on Zillow. Picture credit: Cardi B’s Atlanta home and Offset’s on Zillow. Picture courtesy of Zillow

Though the kitchen features sleek marble counters and elaborate stained wood cabinetry, the dining space is surprisingly cozy and hоmey despite its modest size.

You could easily mistake entering the quaint, wood-paneled home office for a trip back in time to a more regal period of history. The enormous basement with tall pillars, which is mostly occupied by Offset’s “man-cave” and Cardi’s makeup and dressing area, completes the layout of the house.

But Hold On, There’s More…

As you head toward the back, you’ll notice that the chateau-style house encircles an infinity pool in the shape of a fan.

the Atlanta pool area of Cardi B and Offset’s home. Picture courtesy of Zillow

The area opens up to immaculately kept lawns that lead to the heavily wooded surrounds, providing the privacy you would desire if there were paparazzi following you everywhere you went.

Additionally, there is a large back porch with breathtaking views of the entire property and the pool.

the Atlanta pool area of Cardi B and Offset’s home. Picture courtesy of Zillow

Even for the fortunate few who have an abundance of options, finding the proper home can be difficult. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it took Cardi B two years to uncover this exquisite beauty who met all of her requirements and then some.

Hurricane Ida Flooded Cardi B’s House

Cardi B’s property sustained damage following Hurricane Ida, which made landfall in Georgia at the end of August, demonstrating once again that no one is immune to the fury of nature.

The artist posted a video to Instagram showing the flood damage the northeastern storm did to her home. In the video, Cardi B could be seen watching water seep into her house and collect in a corridor. As she followed the water damage, she found that part of her bathroom had flooded.

We’re glad to hear that the famous couple is okay and that their gorgeous home will heal quickly, even though they may need to renovate their bathroom and refinish their floors to repair any damage the water may have caused. After all, their opulent Atlanta property seemed to have been constructed to last.

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