Dragon Ball Super Returns Goku’s Kamehameha Attack To Its Full Glory

For the first time in seemingly forever, Dragon Ball Super just restored Goku‘s signature Kamehameha wave to its former glory, with the Saiyan actually performing the much-beloved incantation before unleashing the attack on his enemy.

Although the move was introduced in the original Dragon Ball manga, some of the most iconic moments in anime were whenever Goku slowly annunciated the name of his Kamehameha wave in DBZ, usually by drawing out each syllable until finally yelling out “Ha!” What kid watching Toonami on Cartoon Network growing up didn’t do the same? The motions of cupping one’s hands and moving them to one’s side just like Goku just enhanced the whole experience further. But for some reason, Dragon Ball Super has been making it so Goku no longer says “Kamehameha” before unleashing the iconic wave on his enemies. All he does is perform the same motions.

But chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super finally ends that egregiously blasphemous creative decision during Goku’s battle against the villain Gas of the Heeter Force. After attaining a new form of Ultra Instinct, Goku goes on a rampage, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks that both leave indentations on the villain’s face and form craters in the ground after the force of some blows causes Gas to careen downward from the sky at a high velocity. But then, after kicking Gas up into the air later on, Goku does it: He performs the right gestures to initiate his signature wave as he says “Kamehame” before yelling out “Ha!” in an act that causes a massive wave of energy to shoot upwards at a rapidly ascending Gas.

Although this is almost a religious experience for those who have been missing the whole Kamehameha package, fans are most likely not holding their breath for something like this to occur again. Aside from the numerous instances in Super where Goku creates a Kamehameha wave without performing the incantation, other characters have also stopped announcing their big attacks. During the same fight against Gas in the previous chapter, not only does Goku perform his half-hearted version of the Kamehameha wave, but he does so as Vegeta summons what’s believed to be his signature Galick Gun attack. It’s unclear whether Vegeta actually uses that particular beam, however, because, like the other times in Super, he doesn’t announce its name. The only thing indicating that it is actually the Galick Gun is that both of Vegeta’s hands – where the front of one palm faces the back of the other – are risen to his side at chest level. The fact that both characters unleash their signature attacks without saying their names is quite disheartening.

Now that Dragon Ball Super has randomly brought back this much preferred version of the Kamehameha wave, hopefully Goku will reintroduce the elongated form of the Kamehameha. In this particular chapter, it’s clear that Goku quickly unleashes his wave without much fanfare. In fact, it’s limited to two panels – and the way in which the words are presented creates the impression that Goku announces “Kamehame” in one quick breath rather than spreading it out over a longer period of time. And fans don’t just want to see this version because the more Goku draws out the name of the attack, the more powerful the wave becomes, for the Kamehameha in this latest chapter actually deals a lot of damage. It’s just like the “kid” inside every adult reading the manga remembers these more drawn-out versions of the Goku‘s Kamehameha more than anything else and would love to relive these moments in Dragon Ball Super.

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