F1 star Lewis Hamilton tears up while struggling through ultra-spicy wings on Hot Ones

Lewis Hamilton proved he’s a true competitor when he went ‘full send’ during an interview on the popular internet show, Hot Ones.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion winced as he began sweating and tearing up while downing a series of ultra-spicy wings throughout the video.

Hamilton revealed he had previously cancelled on the Hot Ones team ‘several times’ because he was nervous about the infamous spice challenge.

‘A part of it was scheduling [conflicts] but most of it was like, “I don’t know if I can do it,” he admitted.

‘Even on the way here I was honestly like, “how can I get out of this?”‘

Lewis Hamilton went ‘full send’ during an interview on the popular internet show, Hot Ones

‘On the way here I was honestly like, “how can I get out of this?”‘ he admitted

By the fifth wing, Hamilton was starting to struggle.

‘Holy s**t, it’s hard to talk,’ he said.

The following wing, coated in the notoriously spicy ‘Da Bomb Beyond Insanity’ sauce, caused the athlete the most distress.

However, at the end of the interview, he insisted on going back in for another dab of the condiment.

‘It hurts when I breathe … Do we go in again? We should just send it,’ he said.

Fans were quick to praise the Mercedes ace for his ‘legendary’ behavior.

‘Can we please talk about how Lewis finished all the sauces and then WENT BACK FOR MORE?!! This man is INSANE,’ one person commented on the YouTube video.

‘Lewis just making sure that no other F1 driver will ever top his performance by doing da bomb again,’ another joked.

The Formula 1 world champion winced as he began sweating and tearing up during the clip

He even insisted on going back in for another dab of the ‘Da Bomb Beyond Insanity’ sauce

Hamilton also recalled a near-death experience while surfing with WSL champ Kelly Slater

A third person chimed in, ‘bro what, ive been watching hot ones since day one NO one came back for an extra bite of da bomb with a dab of the sauce… this is why he is legendary.’

Elsewhere in the interview, Hamilton recalled a terrifying, near-death experience while surfing with WSL champ Kelly Slater.

‘It was 20-foot waves and Kelly was like “there’s no way you’re coming out there,”‘ he said.

‘As I started to try to paddle in, I got sucked into the kill zone. I turn around and see this set of four waves coming. [I thought] “it’s over, it’s all over.”‘

The Ferrari-bound F1 driver then jumped off his board and dove underwater to hold onto the reef.

‘I could hear this wave crash above me,’ he recalled.

‘My board got ripped off and snapped in half. I came back up gasping for air but the next one was coming so I went back down … I nearly ran out of air, I nearly drowned.’

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